The Ultimate Get-to-Know-You Card Games
:: It’s all about ‘big talk’ (not small talk!); Driving conversational curiosity; All clean, not obscene. #150 “get-to-know-you” questions that drive great discussions and dialogue.

  • Whine Barrel: Whining never felt so good!
  • KegO’Cards: Tap in. Talk out.
  • BrewAha: Bitch. Rant. Explain. Whine.
  • KIC-Start: Kids in Conversation (teaching kids the art of conversational curiosity).
  • Cocktail Farty: Have a blow-out party with Cocktail Farty!
  • Kiss’N’Cards: Kiss? Or Dismiss!


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The Problem

Great conversationalists are hard to find. We love asking questions in an effort to get to know people better. We call it “conversational curiosity!”  The whole idea is to encourage “big talk,” not “small talk.” We initially came up with an idea to create one game, Cocktail Farty (of course, there is a story behind that, ask us!), and our goal was to bring people, conversations, and laughter together. It “exploded’ from there into four additional games!

The Idea

Just a few months after launching Cocktail Farty, we had people asking if we had similar get-to-know-you card game concepts around beer and wine. We saw an opportunity and jumped on it!  We started brainstorming more questions and more concepts and before we knew it, we added BrewAha, KegO’Cards, and Whine Barrel to the mix.  We realized our ‘family’ wasn’t complete so we added KIC-Start (to encourage kids in conversation).

The Moment

First, coming up with the questions for all of these different games was a hoot as we “tried” each question out. Second, designing the packaging was so much fun! Look closely … Cocktail Farty is designed like a roll of toilet paper … then we have the barrel, the keg, and the coffee cup (complete with lipstick on the lid). For KIC-Start we decided to make it look like “texting” so kids didn’t wig out too much about having actual conversations!

The Gift

Each game makes a great gift when you want to get people talking … and laughing! Hostess gifts. Welcome to the neighborhood gifts. Fraternity / Sorority games. Dating couples (great way to break the ice!). Roommates. Newlyweds. Really, anyone who is a connoisseur of good conversations. We’ve played with new friends and those we have known for decades and we never run out of new conversations!