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Cocktail Farty
:: Ultimate get-to-know-you card game; conversation starter; big laughter; game night; neighborhood get-together; perfect gift!

Giving back: A portion of proceeds from the sale of Cocktail Farty will be given to Love Rolls whose mission it is to distribute toilet paper to homeless people globally.


Where to Buy

The Problem

Great conversationalists are hard to find. We love asking questions in an effort to get to know people better. What better way to get know someone than to go from asking them about things as mundane as their favorite kinds of movies, to as esoteric as their hopes and dreams, to as explosive as whether their farts are noisy or silent but deadly!
Conversational curiosity!

The Idea

We wanted to come up with a fun, yet edgy, way to engage people in conversations where you learn about them … all about them! The game has 150 “get-to-know-you” cards that drive really great discussions and insights about life. But watch out! There are 33 “explosive” cards that will really add some spice to your conversation! We all pass gas. Might as well talk about it!

The Moment

Are you kidding? Coming up with the questions for this game was a hoot! We love coming up with really thoughtful questions to drive the “get-to-know-you” process. And, can you imagine the laughter and the tears rolling down our cheeks (not those cheeks!) as we brainstormed the “explosive” questions having to do with farts!? Boundaries? What boundaries?

The Gift

Cocktail Farty makes a great gift when you want to get people talking … and laughing! Hostess gifts. Welcome to the neighborhood gifts. Fraternity / Sorority games. Dating Couples (great way to break the ice…or break wind!). Roommates. Newlyweds. Really, anyone who is a connoisseur of good conversations. Make it a “blowout” party with Cocktail Farty!