BONUS Dad! BONUS Mom! A Child’s Guide To Understanding The Role Of A Step-Parent

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Bonus Dad / Bonus Mom is a friendly way to teach children about the role of a step-parent and to introduce children to values important to character development. The book focuses on the day-to-day activities of a Bonus parent while teaching values like responsibility, cooperation, determination, respect and love.

The goal of Bonus Dad / Bonus Mom is to provide children with a book that explains the positive role of a “Bonus” parent in their lives. Too frequently, children are raised reading the classic tales of wicked step-mothers and evil step-fathers. Bonus Dad / Bonus Mom shows that the role of a Bonus parent is not evil or wicked. The Bonus parent does not replace either parent. The Bonus parent is simply that – a Bonus.

The characters are displayed as a fun-loving family of dogs engaged in human activities, and are presented in a colorful and whimsical manner that both children and adults will find captivating and entertaining.

The book’s story line centers on the activities that a Bonus parents engages in, and the values that a Bonus parent role-models for the children. For example, the Bonus parent driving the kids to school highlights Consideration; the Bonus parent cooking breakfast highlights Generosity; the Bonus parent being funny highlights Joy.

Reading the book front-to-back, children are introduced to the concept of a Bonus Dad. Flipping the book over and reading it back-to-front introduces a child to the concept of a Bonus Mom. Children will be delighted to see that the Bonus Dad and the Bonus Mom do the same things and teach the same values.

This book is perfect for children ages 3-13 who have or who will soon be getting a Bonus parent. Featuring a hard cover, and thick high quality color pages, this book is designed as a keepsake and features a page for the Bonus parent to write a letter to his or her Bonus children.