Portable Ring Cleaner for Those On The Go!



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:: Portable ring cleaner for people on the go, in your purse, in your car, in the air. Bringing sparkle back! Clean your ring on the go with Ringo! Now available in pink, blue and red!

Giving back: A portion of proceeds from the sale of Ringo will be given to Rainbow Village.



The Problem

I love my rings (as do most women!). The problem is that I couldn’t find a portable ring cleaner on the market that would really clean my ring “on the go.” I travel frequently, and attend functions, events, and community dinners. I needed something easy, convenient and portable that would quickly return my dull rings to an extraordinary level of dazzle and sparkle!

The Idea

Those jars of cleaning solution you get for free when you buy a ring are bulky, messy, challenging to carry, and they certainly can’t go through airport security in your carry-on bag. You can’t drag one of those counter-top ultrasonic machines around with you either. I looked around and realized there wasn’t a product on the market that was easy, convenient and portable.

The Moment

Racking our brains for just the right name for this product. Going back and forth between different variations of words for what we were trying to solve for: cleaning your ring on the go. Suddenly we said “ring. go. ringo. RINGO!” And then, we whipped out a sheet of paper and drew the ‘O’ as a diamond ring and we knew we had it. Celebratory champagne followed.

The Gift

Ringo is perfect for people who are regularly on-the-go and who want to keep their rings sparkling. Keep one at home, one in your office, one in your suitcase and one in your car. This is what it means to be portable and convenient. Perfect for frequent travelers. Engagement gifts. Bridesmaids gifts. Women in business groups. Door Prizes. Give-aways. Bag drops.