Contender Tees

:: The lake is my happy place; relax you’re on lake time; you rock my boat; life is better at the lake; what’s your favorite lake?

Giving back: A portion of proceeds from the sale of Contender Tees will be given to The Nature Conservancy whose mission is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.


Where to Buy

The Problem

This project started at Lake Oconee just outside of Atlanta. We discovered the only place to buy Lake Oconee t-shirts was the local grocery store … and we thought the designs were a bit cheesy. We had a hard time finding cool, trendy, high-quality, fun t-shirts that we would want to buy, wear, and live in on the lake. And, we had several retailers asking for a consistent brand to market at the lake … so, off we went!

The Idea

There are cheap local t-shirts. There are generically branded t-shirts. And then there are specific-to-the-market-and-consumer t-shirts that become our favorites! We wanted to be the latter. We launched with one lake in Georgia and are already expanding to other markets where our creative designs can address consumer demand for high-quality t-shirts that become our go-to shirts for lake living!

The Moment

Justin had talked about designing a lake t-shirt line for years. The moment we knew we needed to execute on his idea was when one of our retail partners at Lake Oconee said that she needed shirts to address a gap in her inventory set. We immediately put some designs together, ran them by our two teens and a few other t-shirt “experts” and found the perfect team to help us get these to market.

The Gift

Contender Tees are printed on Comfort Color shirts which are a high-quality shirt offered in great colors. Each design features the lake outline and one of several lake motifs. They are available in a short-sleeve with pocket style (Justin’s favorite) or in long-sleeve (Monique’s favorite). The shirts are perfect for those who are loyal to their favorite lake. What is your favorite lake? Let us know! We will expand to that market!