LO Lake Living

:: The lake is my happy place; relax you’re on lake time; you rock my boat; life is better at the lake; what’s your favorite lake?


Where to Buy


If you would like to place a special order or purchase in bulk, please connect with us.

The Problem

This project started at Lake Oconee just outside of Atlanta. It’s one of favorite places to escape, We discovered the only place to buy Lake Oconee t-shirts was the local grocery store… and we thought the designs were a bit cheesy. We had a hard time finding cool, trendy, high-quality t-shirts that we would want to buy, wear and live in on the lake.

The Idea

When a local retailer asked us about creating a consistent Lake Oconee brand, we jumped on the opportunity. We wanted to create a high-quality shirt with a cool logo and design. We took a moment to create our own LO design (do you see the “hook” in the L and the “lake” in the O) and we then we were off and running picking out awesome colors.

The Moment

What started with t-shirts has become so much more! The response to t-shirt designs was overwhelmingly positive … so much so that we expanded to brand to other items as well.  We now also brand Tervis tumblers, throw blankets, sherpa outerwear, hats, and comfortable resort lounge-wear all featuring our LO logo.

The Gift

Our LO line makes the perfect gift to share your love of Lake Oconee living!  Keep your drinks cold with an LO Tervis tumbler! Throw one of our 5 different LO t-shirt designs over your bathing suit! Wrap yourself in an LO throw blanket on those chilly lake nights! Give a hostess gift, a housewarming gift, or a ‘just because’ gift. There is something for everyone.