Life Mantra: “What’s the worst thing that can happen?”
Favorite Hashtags: #BreakTheGlass #HighRoadLessTraffic
Biggest Vice: Starbucks SVL
Cheers For: University of Michigan and Michigan State
Loves Justin’s: Energy Level
Free time? Reading! Photography! Blogging!


Life Mantra: “Make a positive difference”
Favorite Hashtags: #Epic #LiveItOut
Biggest Vice: Coke Zero
Cheers For: Georgia Tech
Loves Monique’s: Adventurous Spirit
Free time? Movies! Swimming! Blogging! Podcast!

Who We Are

Our mission is to develop and cultivate ideas that bring simplicity, joy and laughter to others.

We operate best with many proverbial balls in the air – none of which may be dropped and all of which are made of glass. We are full of energy, are always on the go, and never miss a beat. We are driven, passionate and focused on people and impact. We are left-brained and right-brained operating between structure and white space. We refuse to let others tell us what can not be done. We make things happen. And allow ideas to become seeds of positive impact.

Many people think of things they would like to try or do.  We aren’t afraid of stepping off the ledge and flying out of the nest. When we feel that stirring rumble of a new idea, we pursue it. Whether it’s starting a business, writing a book, or developing the next consumer product, we are #AllIn.

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